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  • Professional Car Grooming Products and Exceptional Service.

    Let us audit your workshop and save you a minimum of 25% on products and labour.

  • New Zealand’s Only Dealer Product Auditing Service

    Save your car dealership on average 25% when we do an onsite product audit

  • Comprehensive Clothing range for you Automotive Service department

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Auditing Of “Your” Business



We provide your business with a accurate account of the grooming departments capability on throughput, paper flow and the finished product that they are produce on a daily basis. Tasks such as yard grooming, PD grooming and service grooming application of aftermarket products. We have the experience to measure output verses employee to give the DP a good overview of his expected productivity verse profitability.  Phone us today to ask how we can help your business.

Things that we review are the following:

  • Current Resource
  • Productivity
  • Proposed Changes
  • Policies
  • Sublets: Necessary/Un-Necessary
  • Analysis of Procedures 
  • Staff Management/Credibility 
  • Order Processing
  • Work Flow/ Through Put
  • Chemicals
  • Health and Safety
  • Equipment