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Latest News

Have you ever seen white marks on your car that won’t wash off and wondered what they are?

— February 26 2015 —

I see these daily at the carwash and people ask me, ”How did they get there?” and ”Is there any way to remove them?”

How did they get there?

In the photos above you can see the obvious hand print. These marks come from hand body lotions, hand creams and sun screen. They are not always as obvious as the examples shown and can be from kids leaning on the car leaving …


Show Car Polish

— February 9 2015 —

We love to get the rave reviews on our amazing low cost but high quality show polish. If you want  car that looks like this then you need our show polish. Based on superior paint protecting products that make the paint gleam like brand new. Show cars deserve the very best and we are produ to have served the show car community now for 30 years with our quality products. Not all show …


“Car Wax” verses “Car Polish”

— February 9 2015 —

The most common question I get asked is “What is the difference between car wax and car polish?”. The simple answer is have you ever held a flame to wax! When you use any brand of car wax this product is designed to leave your car with a glossy shiny finish.

Basic facts about wax:

1: Poor resistance to heat, so if you car is parked outside during work hours your wax will deteriorate within a week …


Is there a easier way to keep my “Wheels Clean”?

— February 9 2015 —

If its one question I get asked over and over again it would be, “Is there any easy way to keep my wheels clean?”.  Well good news, finally some ones come up with a product that actually works. After running tests of this product on a Jerry Claytons BMW for the last 4 months we have found that cleaning the wheels is easier, and the carbon deposits that usually build up …


Does your “Air Conditioner” smells like “Old Socks”?

— February 9 2015 —

Does your car have a stale odour or unpleasant smell every time you turn on your air conditioning unit? But you don’t know why it smells?  Before getting involved with Air Care sanitiser, I used to be like the average Kiwi when using my air conditioning unit in my car.  During summer I would turn my aircon onto full with the unit set on recycling air mode because …